The little red bows foundation 
raising awareness+spreading smiles






"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal."
Our Mission: Since 2013, members of Team Red Bows have been striving to do as much as they can to give back to Children's Hospital of Orange County, raise awareness for pediatric long-term illnesses, and to spread smiles across the faces of children fighting long-term illnesses.

How We Do It: Team Red Bows participates in charitable events for CHOC such as the CHOC Walk in Disneyland. We also organize our own events such as The Day of Kids on Global Youth Service Day, awareness speeches, local fundraisers, and multiple toy basket deliveries throughout the year.

How YOU Can join Team Red Bows:

1. Share our story and mission with others through social media! Like "Little Red Bows Foundation" on Facebook and follow @littleredbowsfoundation on Instagram.

2.  Join us for CHOC events and our own events, and help us spread the word about them!
3. Donate! We are an IRS registered non-profit organization which means 100% of donations go towards funding our events, toy basket deliveries, or towards CHOC events.

These are the toys that are most needed at CHOC. Any of the approved toys can be donated at our events.

Infant and Toddler:

  • Crib toys – mobiles, mirrors, busy boxes
  • Teethers & rattles
  • Little People/Weeble People
  • Musical toys (ones with buttons, knobs, light up, etc.)
  • See ’n Say/talking phones
  • Shape sorters/stacking toys

School-aged children:

  • Action figures (Batman, Superman, Dora, Sponge Bob, My Little Pony, etc.)
  • Barbie dolls/small dolls
  • Beads & jewelry-making kits
  • Coloring books, paint-by-numbers, velvet color posters
  • Craft sets/stickers
  • "I Spy Books" and "Look ‘n’ Find" books
  • Light-up wands/light & spin toys
  • Small Lego building sets/Bionacles
  • Matchbox /Hotwheel cars (small-sized cars)
  • Playdoh/Model magic in all colors
  • Playing cards & Uno cards
  • Puzzles - 24, 63 and 100 pieces
  • Markers & crayons (8, 16 and 24 pack)


  • Model kits (snap-together cars, airplanes, etc)
  • Handheld electronic games
  • DVDs- PG13 ratings (English and Spanish)
  • Video games: Wii, Playstation III,  Xbox 360, Game Cube (Rated E & T-nonviolent)


  • Small toys from the Dollar Store

We are not able to accept the following items:

  • Stuffed animals
  • Handmade blankets, hats, socks, etc. 
  • Get-well cards
  • Big items, e.g. bikes, skate boards
  • VHS tapes
  • Used toys